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  • My son/daughter is a straight-A English student and a strong essay writer. Do they still need guidance on their college essays?
    In short: yes. Even strong English students benefit from guidance on college essays for several reasons: College essays have specific requirements and expectations that are not covered in typical English curricula. Even a proficient English student might not fully grasp the tone, creativity, and storytelling admission officers are looking for. I help students tailor their essay to meet these criteria effectively. Crafting and structuring a compelling narrative for the Common App requires more than strong language skills. Understanding how to structure an essay effectively, build a coherent storyline, and engage the reader are skills that often benefit from guidance from a coach. Even the most talented writers might struggle with generating ideas or selecting a suitable topic. I help students brainstorm effectively and choose a topic that showcases their strengths and experiences for standout essays. Writing is a process, and even the best writers need to revise and edit their work. I help students refine their essays, polish their language, and ensure that their ideas come across clearly and memorably. Guidance helps manage anxiety and pressure during the application process. The college application process is stressful, and even the strongest students may feel overwhelmed. I provide holistic guidance and support allowing students to focus on producing their best work.
  • Why should my son/daughter work with you over a large college prep company? Which high schools have you worked with?
    Over the past decade, I have worked with families—very often with siblings over a number of years—from NYC's top private schools including Brearley, Chapin, Nightingale, Browning, Trinity, Dalton, Riverdale, Horace Mann, Ethical Culture Fieldston, Grace Church, Bronx Science, Hunter High School, Friends Seminary, The Cathedral School, St. Ignatius De Loyola, Baruch High School, The Avenues School, UNIS, Rudolf Steiner. That is just a partial list. Families choose to work with me for several reasons: I am an award-winning writer and educator. Many college admission companies boast having former admissions officers on staff. However, these individuals are not classroom teachers who can draw out a student's best thinking and writing. I have 10+ years of experience teaching advanced English electives to grades 10-12. I know how to put students at ease, guide them towards the best version of their ideas, and improve their writing. If you're curious about a former admissions officer, I invite you to advantage of the many free resources on Google. If you want a true writing coach, then hire a full-time creative writer with a stellar background in teaching. My students have a track-record of excellence. See the homepage for this year's recent results. In increasingly challenging admission cycles, they continue to shine. I have 10+ years of experience specializing in working with Manhattan's most elite private schools. My homepage has a partial list of testimonials. If you would like references, I can put you in touch with past families upon request.
  • My teen has completed their Common App essay. Can you review it?
    Yes! I offer a one-time college essay assessment, including a full line-edit of the Common App via Google Docs. This includes a 30-minute follow-up discussion over Zoom.
  • I’m the parent of a junior applying next fall. Where do I get started?
    Set up a free consultation with me so we can assess what sort of support your applicant would benefit from most!
  • Do you have testimonials from families?
    Of course! You can read a small selection of testimonials on my home page. References also available upon request.
  • What is the timeline for college support from start to finish?
    For bespoke college packages, including review of your college list, and designing of Common App essay and all ED and EA school supplements, please contact me for a reduced/session rate
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